CHUD Exclusive Graphic - Steal this at your own risk, foo!In what’s probably the best case of spot-on casting for a film that no one will give a shit about (and for good reason), everyone’s favorite lisping immigrant, Wilmer Valderama (That ’70s Show) will be reprising the role of Latin motorcycle cop, Francis Llewellyn Poncherello in WB’s film version of CHiPs.

Poncherello, or "Ponch" as he was best known, was made famous by one-time sex symbol Erik Estrada (whom I think I saw advertising car insurance or something the other day on daytime TV). Please refer to the exclusive CHUD graphic above for a more visually detailed examination of the casting.

CHiPs, a television phenomenon back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, followed the everday doings of two California Highway Patrol (CHP + i + plural = "CHiPs") officers as they fought crime and department politics in the city of Los Angeles. The original show was a drama (sort of) but the updated film verison "will be much more lighthearted, an action comedy like Warner Bros.’ Starsky & Hutch adaptation." Thank you, press release. You’ve reaffirmed to me why this movie will more than likely be a steaming pile.

Showrunners Paul Kaplan and Mark Torgove are on scripting duties while Warners searches for the perfect Officer Jon Baker to accompany Valderama’s Ponch. Oh for the love of Christ, just cast Ashton Kutcher and be done with it!