May 15

Film/TV: Another Braves victory over the hated Phils. Delightful, especially against Roy Halladay, baseball’s best pitcher. The latest Game of Thrones. Good stuff, our Tag Team review tomorrow.

Music: Finished ‘Dungarees’, which you can listen to here.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A Starbucks Protein Plate (which I love and wish I could have every day… and I CAN but that’d require going to Starbucks). A banana. Trader Joe’s actually great linguini with white clam sauce out of the freezer. I say it’s great because it tastes just like the one I make. Dust it with a little locatelli goat’s milk cheese and you are cooking with heat. Did some sampling of liquor. A little Tuaca, a little rum, and more. Results of that soon. We also sampled hookah tobaccos but I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled.

Family: Hung with Mom at the office in the afternoon. Played ball in the yard with Sofia. Rocco was around from titme to time.

Friends: John and Andrea joined for the tastings.

Work: Spent the first part of the day at the office going all over the DVD’s we have waiting for reviewers to claim, began recruiting new reviewers. We need more.

Animal of the Day: Nope.

Art: Suck it.

Goodies: Zero goodies.

Screenwriting: Worked on the comic book thing for Sean Fahey more.

Projects: It was a Sunday… Hollywood barely functions during the WEEK so forget damn Sunday!

Minutia: If you’re violently negative about The Hangover II you’re just a contrarian.

Activity: Ball in the yard. Wasn’t strenuous but fun! We lost all the wiffle balls in the neighbor’s yard. I felt 9 again.

Ailments: Just stress from people who make life more difficult than it needs to be.

Shrink’s Chair: I hear noises in the night and I freeze. I often fear that I’ll not move if something were to happen (ie: break-in, home invasion). I have loaded weapons and I fear I’ll have the ability to get them and use them without having them turned on me.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Not really an asshole, but rude and creepy. There’s a guy at our office who’s like seven feel tall. And rude. And all over everywhere.

True Trivia: I have the same birthday as Tom Cruise.

What Did I Learn Today: Hookah charcoal is the most important decision in the process.

Link of the Day: Blue Underground. A great DVD/Blu distributor.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Biking. Braves. Life.

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