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STUDIO: Dark Sky Films
MSRP: $19.98
• Deleted Nazi Experiments Sequence
• Theatrical Trailers
• Outtakes

The Pitch

“It’s Gilligan’s DIE-land!“

The Humans

Byron Sanders (One Life to Live), Barbara Wilkin (Six in Paris), Rita Morley, Ray Tudor (Five the Hard Way), Martin Kosleck (Which Way to the Front?)

The Nutshell

A washed-up movie star and her curvy assistant charter a cheap flight up the coast. Their pilot’s too manly to ask for directions and they get stranded on an island with a creepy German scientist, a Beatnik, and a deadly, glittering microorganism.

New for spring: the budget Pacemaker.

The Package

1.77 anamorphic transfer. This is about as good as this ultra low-budget 1962 production is ever going to look, considering that the glowing-bacteria effect was achieved by scratching holes in the film. Most of the dialogue appears to have been post-dubbed.

Nothing got Jan hotter than finding new uses for a socket-wrench.

The extras are pretty dry. A flashback sequence was added by the distributors during the original release to make things more sensational, and it’s partially reconstructed here. The outtakes are all from that same sequence.

The Lowdown

Not exactly the bloodbath the box art would lead you to believe. There’s some good gore though, some chaste T&A, and a fun monster at the end. There’s also a lot of over-the-top dialogue—pretty much exactly the sort of thing so brilliantly lampooned in last year’s The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra.

After sailing for months, Ted was relieved to learn he was more than halfway there.

6 out of 10