According to Bloody-Disgusting, indie auteur Jim Jarmusch (Ghost Dog, Dead Man) is gearing up to make his dream project, a vampire movie. Apparently Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Mia Wasikowska and current fanboy heartthrob Michael Fassbender are already signed on to take roles.

Hmmmm. OK. I’m always down with an esoteric vampire movie, which I can only assume this will be judging from Jarmusch’s oeuvre. And Jarmusch himself would make a cool vampire, with that gaunt look and cool hair. But his last few movies have seemed a little stale and frankly, dull, so here’s hoping the children of the night can inject a little energy into the proceedings. Although it would be cool to see a movie where vampires just sat around in front of a brick wall talking and smoking cigarettes. In 3D.

The as yet untitled film will shoot in Germany, Morocco and Detroit in early 2012.