Recently someone commented about First Class that we could very nearly cut together the entire movie from the footage, featurettes, and stills that have been released. That’s usually the feeling one gets this deep into such a massive campaign but I have to say, when the images don’t originate from the print-ad division, they’ve always succeeded in making me just a bit more excited. Today over 40 new stills escaped onto the internet and were collected by — apparently they originated from a momentary release on IMDB, but they’ll be out in the wide world soon regardless since they’re clearly promo stills. This batch has a few particularly interesting tidbits like a couple good looks at the unabashedly red-faced Azazel, but mostly it’s just character stills and candid shots that –when taken all together– give a really nice impression of how well they’ve captured the period vibe. I have a feeling X-Men will have at least one tech Oscar-nod to brag about early next year. The costumes, the sets, and the dressing are all as good as you would expect, but it’s even the fantastic and comic-bookish technology that seem right at home.

I’m not 100% sold on the make-up in these shots (Beast and Azazel specifically), but I’ll leave judgement on those till after I’ve seen the film. I’m curious what more die-hard X-Men fans think of them.

I’m starting to cross my fingers that the movie is worth a shit, because it will be a shame if such a gorgeous and uniquely textured superhero movie ends up being forgettable. Take a look yourself- I’ve snatched out a batch of pictures that spoke to me for one reason or another, and you can catch the rest on CBM.

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