dqwWho is making Sarah Michelle Gellar’s career decisions? She doesn’t want to revisit Buffy, the only quality work she’s ever done, but she will do sequels to Scooby Doo and now The Grudge, one of the worst films from last year (I left halfway through to play video games in the lobby of the theater).

The sexy rogues over at Dread Central have heard from screenwriter Stephen Susco that "SMG is back. Without giving anything away, we’ve all been pretty focused on making a sequel that has a strong raison d’etre – a second chapter to an evolving story, instead of a sequel that’s made just because the first one performed well.”

Since there is no real story to The Grudge, I am interested in how they will pull this off.

Gellar has been making a bunch of mid-range genre films, with The Return hitting theaters next fall. She has only one really interesting film going, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales. Her career may be functionally alive, but not much longer if she keeps on taking these films and no one wants to use her in a real movie.