I was interviewing James Schamus yesterday about Brokeback Mountain,
which he produced and which is being distributed by Focus Features,
which he heads up, and the definition of what an indie movie is anymore
came up. He defined it as costing less than 20 million dollars and
being artsy fartsy. I asked him if Silent Hill, which Focus International is handling (it’s a Sony picture in the US), was artsy fartsy.

“I think it looks amazing,” he said. Good enough for me!

These exclusive pictures from the film really help make his case.
Christophe Gans looks to be crafting a moody and interesting film –
maybe the first truly good video game adaptation.

By the way, do these pictures get your creative juices flowing? If so, use them to make a Silent Hill
poster, and Sony just might have it printed up and sent to theaters.
Let’s show these yahoos in marketing what a real movie poster should
look like. Go to WelcomeToSilentHill.com for more info on how to enter this contest.