May 14

Film/TV: What a great Braves game. 2 homers to start and then David Ross’s ballsy squeeze bunt. Great stuff. Also saw Thor for the second time, this time with my little girl.

Music: Not much, really.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Horrid movie theater popcorn. Late lunch at the brand new Double Zero pizza (Facebook) joint fromĀ  the Castelucci family. My favorite restauranteurs. Their Sugo and The Iberian Pig are my two favorite restaurants in Atlanta and the new joint is a combination of an upscale pizza parlour (with two massive imported ovens from Italy that achieve so much heat that the pizzas are cooked in 90 seconds) and a fine dining experience. Amazign food, great bar, and for the first time they have a coffee and dessert parlour connected. They’re also a bakery now. It was wonderful. Sofia and I split a margherita pizza, some meats and cheeses, and they brought us few goodies to try [I’m an early adopter and friend so they’re sweet folks to us]. Sofia then had a chocolate cupcake that seemed to make her world a better place. I had a double espresso. I started off with a cocktail, which is their Old Fashioned make with fennel-infused bourbon. Delightful. A lovely father/daughter experience.

Family: Had my girl most of the day. Got to see the rest of them suckers too!

Friends: Bumped into my Castellucci pals (Stephanie and Fred III) at the restaurant and was surprised to see Amanda (one of my co-ed teammates) hosting.

Work: A good bit in the morning, as Sofia had dance lessons and the whole gang away away until 1pm.

Animal of the Day: Nope.

Art: Suck it.

Goodies: Just great food.

Screenwriting: Worked on the comic book thing for Sean Fahey.

Projects: Grumble Cubed.

Minutia: I learned a valuable lesson about 3-D. Which I will explain in this week’s Steady Leak.

Activity: I did NOTHING.

Ailments: I feel fine.

Shrink’s Chair: I went into a comic shop with my kid before the movie and hated the place. Hated being there. Hated the vibe, the way the customers were, the whole thing. Is it that I’ve evolved or that the golden days of these kind of stores has long passed us?

Asshole(s) of the Day: Creepy dude who was watching my daughter way too intently as we walked down the aisle in the theater. It was like he was watching a waiter carry a tray of filet mignon.

True Trivia: My thumbs are double jointed. You’re welcome.

What Did I Learn Today: I want to record a proper album in the studio.

Link of the Day: Demetri Martin’s Twitter. He may have horrorhair, but he’s great. His daily drawings are adorable.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Ballgames. Work. Food. Lizards.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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