May 13

Film/TV: Bridesmaids. Was good. Not the best thing ever but good. I’d recommend it. I hated the last five minutes though. Why do they feel it necessary to tie EVERY plot together and have all the people fit together oh so cute? The Braves fucked another one right in the pooper. Dan Uggla, I love you but you need to change your approach at the plate.

Music: Listened to another disc of Stephen King’s Cell. Recorded my guitar bits for the first track of the next Lucky Nightsticks CD, Thinner. It’s a funky bit of business and the wah pedal was in much use. That said, I wasn’t paying attention and put a nice slash in my right index finger from all the stuff played high on the G string. Not that kind of G string…

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Grilled chicken. A little sandwich. Some bourbon. Coffee. Not an exciting day for the palate.

Family: Catherine was DESTROYED when I got home. Poor lady, had a sick-ass little man who woke up snotty at 4am.

Friends: Took the office folks to the movie before work. Was a good decision. John came over in the wee hours to help me record part of a song. In the afternoon he picked me and my bike up at the office and we went riding ass.

Work: Loads! Click around and you’ll see!

Animal of the Day: No Animal, Sorry. Will resume that on Sunday.

Art: So few arts it hurts.

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: Notes, ones I plan to transcribe to pixels this weekend.

Projects: Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

Minutia: I fell asleep with my cell phone on my lap. I have to have 80 dick cancers don’t I?

Activity: 15 miles on the bike today. We did the normal gauntlet but found a side path that opens up to literally another twenty miles of trails. That shit is going to happen real soon.

Ailments: I popped things into place and my foot was somewhat human. By Wednesday it’ll be fine and then I’ll hurt it again.

Shrink’s Chair: I feel my max hit points decreasing.

Asshole(s) of the Day: “Professional” bike dudes who saw us heading up the trail and gave us shit about not having helmets. I saw Helmet in concert when they were good, go fuck yourself.

True Trivia: In 10th grade we spent every lunch break in a deserted building on our school grounds in a stairwell playing dodgeball with one of those bouncy balls from a vending machine. Two folks on the top floor and two on the bottom and we’d just destroy each other with ricochets of screaming rubber roundness. Yes, I know it is the gayest thing ever. I can live with that.

What Did I Learn Today: They finally connected the Greenway to the Roswell trails. I can literally spend a whole day on my bike with minimal goodies and keep entertained.

Link of the Day: The thread for this blog. Feedback is always huge.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A day with the daughter hitting a restaurant I’ve been dying to try. Braves 1pm game against the hated Phillies. Hopefully in the evening a whole lot of writing that has NOTHING to do with the internet.

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