Director Tony Kaye is obviously an eccentric fella. He’s the guy who famously clashed with Ed Norton on American History X, even going so far as demanding to be credited as “Humpty Dumpty” on the final cut and then suing New Line for a preposterous sum when they disallowed it.

Kaye also hasn’t made a feature film since then, instead subsisting on the measly millions that commercial directors earn. Late last year he attached himself to a thriller called The Reaper, a “neo-noir” story about a private detective who makes a deal with Death himself. The deal will apparently no longer include Tony Kaye, who according to Dread Central is now off the project.  Production company Media 8 is looking for a suitable (and probably less outrageous) replacement.

All this Grim Reaper talk just serves to remind me that I’m still patiently waiting for an adaptation of Piers Anthony’s On a Pale Horse.