Since we probably won’t be seeing any more Project Greenlight, which is a bloody shame since it provided such a great behind-the-scenes peek at the filmmaking process (and some fascinating cringe-inducing melodrama), the folks behind that show have more time to focus on their own movies.

Frazzled producer Chris Moore is producing an action flick called Liberty, which sounds a little like Red Dawn without lights – in the story a massive electromagnetic pulse has wiped out the majority of the country’s useful electronic items, leading some resourceful Americans to dig up relic tech from the 40s to battle an invading army (whoever that may be).

That small info dollop intrigues me – as a society we’ve proven to be drastically over-reliant on gadgets (remember when you couldn’t have phone conversations while simultaneously purchasing sliced meats?), and this could provide plenty of interesting angles as to how we’d respond to an Xboxless world.  I just hope they go the Mad Max route, where we enter the story after the disaster has already happened, rather than see just how the EMP event unfolds and cripples the nation.  After all, we don’t need to give our increasingly numerous enemies any new ideas on how to demolish our infrastructure, especially when the government can’t even effectively respond to a catastrophe they can see coming a week away.

The script comes from Moore’s fellow LivePlanet writer/producer Sean Bailey, and the Touchstone movie will be directed by cinematographer Ericson Core. Moore himself is also directing a remake of the 1975 cult thriller Race with the Devil, penned by Ain’t It Cool’s Drew McWeeny and his writing partner Scott Swan.