Perhaps it was the pants, but NBC has rejected the Wonder Woman tv show. Apparently a network screening of the pilot went terribly and it started to amass bad buzz, even though Adrianna Palicki (Supernatural) certainly did a great job of driving up interest. It’s a huge project and the character was due for a comeback so it must have been something awful for them to pass on it, what with all the press it’s already received.

Jeff Reiner of The Event directed the pilot, which also starred Elizabeth Hurley, Tracie Thoms and Cary Elwes.

While this Wonder Woman will never happen, many new shows have been picked up. We’ve got the usual mix of cop dramas, ripoffs of other shows and sitcoms- here’s what you’ll see on the network.

The Playboy Club – which stars Amber Heard and Jenna Dewan as Playboy bunnies in the 1960s (Don’t care how pandering that is- sold!)

Awake – Jason Isaacs stars as a police detective who “can’t let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a car crash.”

Grimm– a cop drama set in a world in which Brother Grimm fairy tales exist. So- NBC’s Supernatural?

Whitney – a sitcom based on the stand-up of Whitney Cummings.

Up All Night – Christina Applegate stars as a working mom who has to deal with her stay at home husband, played by Will Arnett.

Smash – a musical drama from an idea by Steven Spielberg, about a group of actrors who put on a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe. It’s being called “A Glee for Adults”.

Prime Suspect – an adaptation of the British show of the same name which stars Maria Bello as a female detective fighing her male colleagues in a New York precinct.