May 10

Film/TV: Braves sucked early and then came back and then didn’t. Hawks also took a shit on their own faces as a basketball team.

Music: Gave a spin to the new Steve Martin bluegrass CD. Pretty good. A few more chapters of the Cell audiobook.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A banana and some crunchy Raisin Bran. A little burger noise at Hudson Grille. Some booze and delight on the deck as I enjoyed it quietly.

Family: Mom was at the house with Rocco and I spent a good bit of time with them before heading to the office. Saw the gang for a bit after I got home in the evening.

Friends: The office folks. Andrea joined me to watch some of the ballgame but it sucked and I was on conference calls outside most of the time. Johnny Bikeapart (see below).

Work: Laws yes. A few big calls, a lot of site content built and the pre-planning for the Attack the Block screening.

Animal of the Day: The Go-Away Bird!

Art: No. I think I may be abolishing this from the ‘Discipline’ as I rarely have cause or time to draw anymore.

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: Yes, oddly enough on the wrong script.

Projects: I’m frustrated with the speed things come together. I can’t win. I’m impatient and it’s crap… I’m patient and it seems folks aren’t making enough effort.

Minutia: My Beagle’s whining and his bark have the uncanny ability to make all of my absolutely animal friendly beliefs and tactics fly right the fuck out the window. Several times a day I just want to run around blowtorching him.

Activity: Did a 12 mile bike ride with Johnny Mak, from one end of the Greenway to the other. Great stuff. We’ll do it at least once a week I think. Saw a Copperhead!

Ailments: No, but this hair is going to be the death of me. A short, SHORT haircut is looming.

Shrink’s Chair: I think if someone believes the moon landing was faked, the dinosaurs are a few thousand years old, Obama is a Muslim, and that The Voice is the best thing on television we should be allowed to slaughter them in their sleep for the betterment of the world.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Asshole in the tight compression shorts on his bike who doesn’t warn you he’s about to pass you. I hope you Bono a tree.

True Trivia: One day I went over to my Beagle as he pissed me off from the couch with every intent on become a dogmurderer… but instead I gave him a gift certificate to Macy’s.

What Did I Learn Today: The worst shit happens to the Braves when I walk away.

Link of the Day: Between Two Ferns. I’m sure everyone has watched this but just in case…

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Me and Rocco. Kickin’ ass.

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