May 11

Film/TV: The Braves vomited a lead away. Just pukepissed it into the woods. Horrible loss. Watched three Sopranos episodes. Man, the first season is kind of weak in retrospect. Watched some of a Jim Norton special. Not good. I like him and want to like him but his stand-up doesn’t really do a lot for me.

Music: Mojo Magazine’s Black Keys-centric included CD.

Comedy: The laughter didn’t exist.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Bagel. Coffee. Hot dog with the little gentleman (slang). Catherine dropped some Trader Joe’s pot stickers and a pesto flatbread onto the table as I worked on the patio in the evening. Hookah with John at 5pm. A Peroni beer. Later as I worked a Tabak and some Licor 43.

Family: Sofia was sick in the morning so I had both beings. Once she felt better I checked her into school and Rocco and I went out as men of free will. We went and looked at stores and he played with the Thomas the Train set at Barnes & Noble for a half hour while I got caught up on all my Words with Friends and Scrabble obligations. He was awesome. Then we went back and he lounged with me until his sister was ready to be picked up. We got that dame and I was ABOUT to get them a kiddie pool and fill that bitch up but instead opted to go home. We played in the yard for two and a half hours and they were extremely wiped out. When Catherine finally got home from work I pretty much spent the next five hours working on the patio. My father in-law came to survey the patio we built, loved it. He and Catherine were supposed to waterproof it this weekend but that got pushed to next week.

Friends: John came by for quick hookah times in the midday. Otherwise, I was a hidden man.

Work: Lots. But it was frustrating at times trying to figure what to work on. For three hours I was so scatterbrained I did a little on a lot of different things and finished none. That is a fool’s errand.

Animal of the Day: The Pygmy Goat!

Art: Poon.

Goodies: I Saw the Devil on blu-ray. Such a good flick. Some dirt cheap clothes for summer.

Screenwriting: Fart.

Projects: Grumble.

Minutia: Rocco is an incredible little firecracker of a man. And he’s insane. Sofia’s childhood did NOTHING to prepare me for this dervish.

Activity: Sweat my bottom off in the yard, whether it be from wiffle ball in the heat with the little ones or just grinding under the sun. Not really activity but it sucked the water and energy out of me.

Ailments: No.

Shrink’s Chair: What my mother’s going through, and what she still has to endure before theoretically being “free” of cancer. I’d probably just quit.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Me, circa 1989. A guy I made fun of in high school for years (used to wear an Aliens shirt EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR) works at the book store near me. He’s a year older than me but is big, fully gray, and looks like he could be my dad. And he was absolutely charming and helpful. Man, I was a shitty teenager.

True Trivia: When we saw Fear in the theater when it came out, I was so surprised at the immediacy of the ended I screamed “Shit or fuckin’ shit!” so loud half the audience laughed and the other half recoiled. When he flies out the window onto the rocks? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it to end THAT fast.

What Did I Learn Today: Fucking huge centipedes live right near me and they HATE when you spray pesticide into cracks.

Link of the Day: Spectral Motion. Great guys. Great FX.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A long ass day.

The Day’s Rating:


Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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