May 12

Film/TV: Took another look at the latest Game of Thrones as we cobbled our Tag Team review. Watched the better part of the Braves’ miraculous grand slam and then walk-off win on my phone at the softball field. I knew the Hawks were cooked and didn’t watch a second of it. Tired as fuck of basketball anyhow.

Music: Finished the lyrics for The Devil Made Me Yeah, the first cut off The Wizard’s Keys’ The Cat Who Said Hello.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A bagel. Tea. A gigantic amount of water. Fried rice.

Family: I groggily played with Rocco on the bed in the morning while Catherine hurried around the house in the morning. Otherwise, they were all defeated when I got home.

Friends: Renn came over to shoot our Friday Wrap-Up. I saw Andrea at the office. Played ball with the Punishers team.

Work: All D-damn D-day and then some of the night!

Animal of the Day: No Animal, Sorry.

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: A new glove since I lost mine. I got a nice DeMarini Diablo that was almost broken in when I got it.

Screenwriting: Shooting oneself in the dick.

Projects: Fluid coming from pores.

Minutia: The Juicy Pear jellybean from Jelly Belly is a thing of perfection.

Activity: Played ball. We won the league and this was to determine who went to the championship. They have an American and National league at this park. We’re National. The American is considerably more competitive. I was the 11th guy on this team originally. I was supposed to be a fill-in. About five of the kids on this team have no place on a softball field. Some are alright hitters and shitty fielders or vice versa. There’s one who is neither though he means well. I’m a longtime player and pretty damn good. Fundamentally and in execution. My bat is always solid, though I don’t have the arm nor the mobility I used to. Bottom line: I’m top one or two players on the team. BUT, because I came in and helped and then became a full-timer the coach always plays his friends and the folks who paid. It’s cost the team. Of course, whenever I play in the field I’m in the middle of it. Keeping folks straight and making sure not to fuck up. So, the game to determine the championship… I’m EH. Extra hitter. What that means is I get to watch people all over the field play the game wrong and be powerless about it. Luckily, though there were several boneheaded mistakes the team played well and hit well. This gentleman socked the living fuck out of the ball. 1st AB, inside the park HR to right with my patented sidespin. By the time the bonehead out there got the ball I was at 3rd and scored before the ball was within 100 feet. Unfortunately, I messed up my foot. 2nd AB, single to left field. 3rd AB an absolute smash line drive to the wall in right that was never more than 15 feet off the ground for a triple. It’s hard to get a triple to right field. 4th AB a single to center. 4-4, 5 RBI. We won the game. I ended up playing catcher for a few innings but I really need to make a point from here on out that if I commit to a team that I have a defined position. Otherwise I’m just wasting gas.

Ailments: That foot is fucked. I popped a tendon/bone/something back into place and it was a little better but I am pushing the boundaries of a major injury I think.

Shrink’s Chair: It was very nice to get things all cleared up with Alex and the site closer to where it belongs.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The umpire made two really bad calls, which is part of the game but when they’re too lazy to actually get in a position (IE: move their fat ass) to see the play unfold, I have no sympathy for them.

True Trivia: I can’t have a cigar in my mouth and do any sort of physical activity. I see guys playing golf with them or doing yard work. I can’t. I have a problem not breathing. I’m dumb.

What Did I Learn Today: The people I play softball with are too young to get a Kent Hrbek joke.

Link of the Day: Our community’s landing page. It’s not just a message board.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Bridesmaids in the morning with the office, work, bike, BRAVES/PHILLIES.

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