You got a Bachelor of Arts?  That might get you in a door or two…maybe.  Masters degree?  A door or three.  Ph.D?  Congrats, you can play doctor for real.  But really, if you don’t have your Degree in Screamology, your education ain’t gonna be complete.  Luckily, the International Academy of Film and Television here in L.A., along with Bigfoot Entertainment (CHUD can vouch for those guys), is going to be holding a workshop titled Art of the Scream with director Lewis Teague as part of their Film Forum Series.  Lewis Teague is the gentlemen director who brought you Cat’s Eye, Alligator, Cujo and the soon to be Syfy Original Movie, Alligator vs. Cujo (not really) to your senses.

The Details:

  • Mentor: Lewis Teague
  • Date: Three Sundays in a row: May 15, May 22 & June 5
  • Time: 9:30am – 12noon
  • Venue: Bigfoot Crest Theatre
  • $300 per person

The Agenda:

Week 1

  • Introduction to the making and history of scary movies
  • Lecture on achieving the perfect ‘scare response’ from your audience
  • Mastering the technique behind horror scenes
  • Shoot your own 30 sec -3 minute scary scene outside of class to submit for the contest.*

*Students are required to use their own equipment.

Week 2

  • Class discussion, assignment advice and Q&A
  • Film submission due date: May 31

Week 3: Screening Day

  • Contest Winner Showcase
  • Contest Prizes: Top 5 winners will be selected to showcase their short film on the big screen during the Art of the Scream Film Forum. The Top Winner’s scene will be featured at “Spirits in the Dark: Horror at the Crest” this summer.

Afterwards there will be a kegger (OK, not really, but there are bars in the area). You can click the links below for more info about both the IAFT and their Film Forum Series and also Bigfoot Entertainment.

International Academy of Film and Television

Bigfoot Entertainment

Read the same damn thing at in less garish font!  Synergy!