It’s hard not to be excited about Terence Malick’s Tree of Life. Sean Penn and Brad Pitt together (well not really). Guaranteed beautiful filmmaking. Epic subject matter. Mysteries about what the film is about. Dinosaurs. He’s one of the rare directors whose every release is an instant event film. Renn and I are seeing it next week and I expect the resulting tag team review to be deep and insightful (Renn) and having commas (Me).

As we wait for it, that film website The Huffington Post got an exclusive clip from the film that showcases one of the scenes shown considerable time in the trailer, a moment where Daddy Brad Pitt teaches his sons (one of whom who will grow up to be Sean Penn) how to fight.

It’s amazing to think that the guy from Thelma & Louise has become the reliable and exceedingly talented actor that Brad Pitt is. He’s so damn good.