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Then click your city or this link and hurry to get a pass for yourself to see Attack the Block on the 25th of May as part of a multi-city, multi-website blitzkrieg (25 on 25 – Attack The Block Fan Appreciation Screenings) to bring what is a must-see film to the core audience to build awareness and add to the groundwork already buzzing for Joe Cornish’s Plus, Edgar Wright produced it and Nick Frost is in it! If that doesn’t scream “Must See” I don’t know what does.

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Attack the Block is a movie we all are excited about. One of the coolest, most fun, and fresh geek properties out there. It took SXSW by storm and caused Renn to deliver one of our rare 5/5 reviews. A snip:

Great action, cool monsters, and good sound would only take the film so far though, if there wasn’t a strong group of characters to identify with and strong writing to buttress them. Cornish’s brave decision to roll with young, inexperienced, and genuinely-accented youths pays off tremendously though, and there’s not a weak spot in the cast.

Additionally, Renn did an epic interview with the writer/director Joe Cornish.

Bottom line: You want this. You want it bad.