I tuned out all news about Horrible Bosses once Jennifer Aniston joined the cast. So, color me surprised that it’s plot doesn’t revolve around a neurotic lady looking for Mr. Right.

Well, ok, that is part of the plot. (And Aniston, don’t think you score any points with me by “laughing” at your tabloid persona.)   But I had no idea Horrible Bosses was so dark and violent, or that Colin Farrell was going to sport such an epic comb-over.

The trailer premiered on Apple today, and it’s actually quite good.   But I did spend my entire afternoon screaming at my email inbox, so perhaps I was just in a sweet spot for it.

Forget the rest of summer blockbusters, forget romantic comedies. This movie may be the ultimate in wish fulfillment. Which probably means it won’t work. Do you really want to see someone else off their boss, while you’re still stuck with yours? Can that be funny over two hours? I hope so. I could live vicariously through someone else on this..and maybe learn from their mistakes…

And if you prefer to watch it without the beauty of Quicktime, I found a nice YouTube version on Slashfilm.