you wonder what Jesus would blow up, I think the obvious answers are things like abortion clinics, or stores that sell dirty video tapes. I mean, those are the things that really rile up His followers. But it turns out that if your Jesus is Jim Caviezel, He’s gonna blow up a ferry.

Gentleman Jim, star of the world’s best grossing torture porn, will be the bad guy in Denzel Washington’s new film, Déjà Vu. Directed by Denzel’s pal Tony Scott, it’s the story of an FBI guy who is investigating the detonation of a ferry where the woman he loved died. He does this by going back in time.

I think that’s my favorite thing, because every synopsis of the film just throws in the time travel bit like it’s Denzel hopping on a Greyhound. I really hope that it’s that easy in the film – that Denzel just has to fill out a requisition form at FBI HQ and get himself some access to the Bureau time machine. Or maybe he has to squint really hard and THINK himself back into the past, Ashton Kutcher style.