A quick Internet search tells me that phrase is from a Vanilla Ice song, which is why I know it.  Yes, gentle reader, as a teenager I owned Vanilla Ice’s album. In fact  I think I even worked out a break dance routine to it (in my bedroom and I never showed anyone) but the less said about that the better.

So how have you been?  Well I trust.  It’s been a long two weeks full of moving house and lack of Internet for yours truly but I am now in my new house and loving every minute of it.

Still no job but a few interviews and positive response to my CV so things are looking up.  Never let it be said that lying on your CV and telling people you are and ex MI6 agent out of work due to government cutbacks won’t get you anywhere.*

One of the best things about this new house is I have a Study again, which means all (not just some) of my “Nerd Tat”** can go out on display. As well as all my books and Cds.

This did actually result in a brutal culling of both collections post move in.  let’s face it, if I own a book  have never read it, but keep it to make myself  look smarter, then it can  be donaited to a charity shop. Hopefully someone will actually enjoy it, unlike some of the CD’s I gave away. In fairness though they mostly belonged to my wife and were Dance/Trance whatever-the-hell you call it albums.

In other news I am growing to Dislike No Ordinary Family,  looks like my intital enthusiam for the show was misplaced. Still Chuck and The Sopranoes are still aces so there is that.  I am also still partial to a bit of Hawaii Five-O. That show lives because of the great chemistry between the two male leads. It is a Bromance in the fine traditon of Riggs and Murtagh and there is nothing wrong with that.

Anyway that’s all for now. I have a few ideas about new topics for this blog but nothing set in stone yet. I kind of like the idea of picking a film at Random from my collection and reviewing it, but it’s a bit simmilar to a column someone else does so i’m not sure.

I might end up sticking with this free style  format I have discovered this week….

I kind of like it.





*What?  I do work for the government….ok not as an MI6 agent……and I am not in anyway important but that’s not the point.

** I think I just invented a new phrase, I shall use that again