Rachel Weisz clearly longs for those halcyon days of The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Enemy at the GatesConstantine, Definitely, Maybe and … hey, she’s actually done a lot of genre / B-movies.  And she wants to do more.

Though she’s in talks for Oz the Great and Powerful, Weisz may opt for something with a little more action, and a lot less make-up. According to Deadline, she’s “in deep talks” to join Jeremy Renner in the The Bourne Legacy.

Deadline doesn’t specify what role she would play.   I’d immediately say “Oh, love interest, come on!”, but the Bourne series has been pretty cool about giving women powerful roles within Bourne’s world.  Weisz might not be the Marie Kruetz character. She could be playing Legacy’s version of Pamela Landy, or one of its coyly named assets.    Maybe she’s all of the above.

Nevertheless, I imagine this dashes your (and Daniel Craig’s) dreams of her being a Bond girl.