456Being able to talk to the Lord is probably a good skill to have when you’re inside a Hitckcockian thriller. Too bad Amber Tamblyn lost that ability when Joan of Arcadia was cancelled. Maybe she can call in her dad and his aging Jet friends to defend her in the thriller Spiral.

It’s not based on the Japanese horror book and film of the same name (who would have ever imagined just a few years ago that you would have to rush that caveat to the fore of a movie piece?), but is rather an original work based on looking at art and drinking wine.

"A year ago, Jeremy [Danial Boering] and I were sitting around looking at paintings and listening to jazz, so we decided to make a film about that with a Hitchcockian feel . . . and a little blood thrown in," co-writer and co-director Joel David Moore says. And it’s a good thing they decided to go that route, as it’s well known that the only other job open to people with three names is assassin.

Spiral stars multi-tasker Moore as a telemarketer whose – well, let’s let The Hollywood Reporter take it from here: “whose dysfunctional friendship with his boss (Zachary Levi) is alleviated when a whimsical co-worker (Tamblyn) enters his life. But as he begins to sketch his new friend’s portrait, disturbing feelings from his past threaten to lead him down a path of destruction.”

Will this be Tamblyn’s Havoc? I am sure Dave Davis has his fingers crossed…