casX3 isn’t going to just be an endless slugfest jam-packed with so many mutant cameos that fanboys will cream their jeans while general audiences wonder what the fuck is going on. The movie will also be tackling serious issues, like hating the way you look. I was going to say that this is something that is familiar to the comic book’s fanbase, but if you’ve ever been to a major comic book convention, you’ll know that these people often have no understanding of what the word shame means.

The body image issues will be coming to the fore with the character of The Beast, played by Kelsey Grammar, a guy who totally fucking hates CHUD DVD reviewer Jeremy Slater. X-Men Films has this to say about Dr. Hank McCoy’s dilemma: "Halle Berry’s Storm, and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine can easily go out into public, and not be feared based off their looks, but what about the mutants who have more physical mutations? How do they think? Now that very subject will be busting at the seams in the third chapter, with Beast and other groups of ‘strange’ looking mutants.

Even though he’s lived with his mutation for some time, Grammer’s Beast will still be struggling with his physical self. Dark blue, gray, black fur, and strong animal-like features aren’t exactly looked upon as ‘normal’ and at times in the film we will see him questioning something that might be able to help his problems".

This storyline is no big news to comic readers, though. In fact, it’s been used to great effect in Ultimate X-Men, where a now-deceased Beast accidentally betrayed his whole team while meeting chicks online, since he thought he was too ugly to do it in real life. Recently a big event occurred in the pages of Marvel’s X-Men comics – most of the mutants on Earth were depowered. Except for any mutant who is currently appearing in a comic book. Those guys were safe, miraculously. One of them happens to be Beast, which is a pity – Hank McCoy could have remained a strong part of the team due to his intellect, and the idea of exploring the life of a mutant who is glad to lose his powers is an interesting one. At any rate, everybody is probably getting their dumb powers back in next year’s godawful crossover series anyway.