evbfWhile I still wait hopelessly for Buckaroo Banzai vs The World Crime League, word is coming that there may well be a third Tomb Raider film. Undeterred by the sheer assness of the first two, it looks like Hollywood is biting – and Angelina Jolie may be back for the ride.

A new company has bought Eidos, the folks who made the original Tomb Raider games, and they’ve been making noise about signing up new contracts to bring Lara Croft back for another agonizing adventure. According to website The Business Online the owner of this company, SCI, is looking to drive a hard bargain for the rights to a third film, which means that only someone delusional will take her up on it. Which describes the entire ruling class of Hollywood!

I only hope that Jolie’s involvement is BS – it’s not that I so much like her, but it’s just that I think our current mega-stars should be able to turn down a film like this. At the very least you would hope that Brad Pitt would have pulled her more into his circle of coolness.