Greetings Los Angeles Fright fans!

Time for another wicked installment of Sebastian O’Brien and I’s midnight movie series, Friday Night Frights. As this Friday just so happens to be the 13th, we couldn’t possibly resist showing a film from one of my personal favorite horror franchises, Friday the 13th. There are so many bloody options to choose from, but in the spirit of midnight movies with beer and friends, we decided to go with the most dubious and laugh-inducingly absurd installment: Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan! Or as it should have been called, Part VIII: Jason Takes a Cruise Ship Then Eventually Visits Manhattan in the Final 30 Minutes.

Quoth the FNF blurb of power:

Jason Voorhees clearly never received Dr. Suess’s “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” as a gift growing up, because — despite surviving a supposed drowning, then being partially killed thrice, and officially killed thrice more — over the course of seven films the guy never left Crystal Lake. Hell, by contrast, after only six entries the Leprechaun had gone to L.A., Vegas, outer space, and tha Hood (twice) — which is why the glorious Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan is such a silly inevitable treat, for the big guy is practically burstin’ to get out! Not only does VIII feature the most offable cast of expendables yet, but it also contains some of the most insane and ridiculous kills of the entire franchise (rooftop boxing practice, anyone?) Come kick back with us on Friday, May 13th as we revel in pure hockey-masked absurdity and destruction with one of our fave Jason sequels.

I’m also working on a montage compilation of every single kill from Friday the 13th parts 1 -7! Cause, you know, we don’t want anyone to be confused by Jason’s complicated on-going storyline.

Friday, 5/13, midnight @ The Cinefamily. Tickets and info can be found here.

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FNF: Friday the 13th VIII (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.



As always I’ll be giving away free tickets (each with a +1) to some lucky Chewers, as well reserving one comfy couch for the top winner. To enter simply send an email to with JASON in the subject line, and tell me what horror movie character(s) you’d most like to see “take” Manhattan next. Make sure to give me your full name. I will only be contacting the winners.

Good hunting, fiends.

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