STUDIO: Disney
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 63 Minutes
Virtual Snowglobe Maker
Snowglobe Screensaver

The Pitch

This spot is usually reserved for a clever little jab at the studio or filmmaker, but I can’t think of one, so I’ll just say I assume the pitch was, "Let’s make a Disney Princess Christmas DVD!" I know, I suck. Too much turkey.

The Characters

Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine & Snow White (Does it really matter who’s providing the voices on something like this?)

I'm a hunter, baby!
Belle thought she had tamed Beast – until 5 seconds later when he ripped through every person in the audience. He was found later gnawing on the bones. Belle? They only found the dress.

The Nutshell

This is a little different from your standard Disney Princess movie as there’s no coherent story to follow. The Princesses host this "Night Out" situation where various Christmas-themed shorts and clips play. Some are lifted from older movies, some are specially created. I guess the way to put it is you’re not watching the Princesses, your watching something with the Princesses. Sort of like you’re in the audience with them. I’ve heard some people state they had a problem with this, citing "not enough Princess" content, but that’s not accurate. While there are a few things that don’t involve the Princesses at all, there’s more than enough that does.

The Package

The first thing you’ll notice is the pink case. With the rows and rows of black or white cases lining the shelves of the store, this pink one will definitely grab your little girl’s eye. Smart from a marketing point of view, evil from a parent’s (although it does fit with the color scheme). Anyway, the Princesses are all gathered in front of a Christmas Tree holding various gifts and Christmas decorations. Cinderella is the only one seated, and from the way everyone’s positioned, it looks like it’s a baby shower. I don’t know why…that’s just how it looks. Gimme a break! The video is varied, with some older film clips (i.e. – Snow White & Sleeping Beauty) mixed in with newer and original pieces. It’s not all that "enchanting," but it’s not so bad as to be distracting (if bad at all), so I can dig it. Audio is presented in a Dolby 5.1, which surrounds you in all the sparkly Princess sounds. Which is a good thing by the way.

For shame!
"Just you wait, mister. Later you’re gonna get a magic carpet ride of your own."
(I know – I’m dusgusting)

For the features, there’s a virtual snowglobe maker, which is actually a "Memory"-style game in disguise, that lets your little girl add pieces to her snowglobe with each question she answers. When it’s done you can "shake" it and watch the snow fall. Kind of interesting the first time you do it then becomes amazingly dull (like a real snowglobe). Same thing with the Christmas Tree decorator. These are decent extras if your kids can maneuver them independently, but if your little girl requires a little help with the DVD Player (as mine does), prepare to hear the words "Push it again, pwease!" more times than you can handle.

The Lowdown

I tend to get a little wordy with this section but in this case I choose brevity. This DVD is aimed at one target audience and that audience will surely love it. It’s all sparkly and glittery and pink, and doesn’t necessarily reek of Christmas Commercialism. Meaning I’m sure it was pumped out to turn a quick buck, but it doesn’t feel that way as there’s enough original content produced for this DVD that allows you to appreciate the efforts put into it. It’s quiet and soft and, in my opinion, is the perfect Christmas Morning background filler if yours is a household without things made of snips, snails and puppy dog’s tails. That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable on the other 364 days of the year, however. The only problem I have is with the Princess Rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. I absolutely abhor that song for the same reasons most people love it (the God-awful repetitiveness), but if you can tolerate the song, then you’ll have no problem with this disc at all.

In the end, this DVD does everything it sets out to do without feeling all that opportunistic. Which, again, is a good thing.

Santa don't take no shit
"Now you listen here you little bastards. I may be Santa but even I can’t get my hands on an XBOX 360. So for the love of freakin’ Rudolph – stop asking me. The next kid that sits on my lap and asks for an XBOX is going to get punched in the throat. I mean it."

7 out of 10