May 9

Film/TV: No Braves, but I watched two Sopranos episodes (God they have some ‘Mob 101′ dialogue in the early episodes), Point Break, and Funny People (almost great and then Leslie Mann and that subplot happen) on my iPad while working.

Music: The new Deck Jams playlist began its life. 600+ songs which I will whittle down to 200.

Comedy: Just the laughs we created at the poker table. Oh, and I had a playful rapport with flying beetles in my yard.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A little pizza. Sushi. Lots of booze and smoke during poker. Lots.

Family: Got to see the loved ones a little as I frantically prepped the patio for guests. Catherine joined us when the kids were asleep and inherited and lost Mom’s then chip leading stack.

Friends: John, Andrea, Dave L, Dave W, Pat, and Brian joined Mom and I for outdoor poker. It was excellent. We had the patio lit and the cooler filled with ice and great things. Andrea made margaritas with product we reviewed on GUY HERE and HERE. It was a really nice and relaxing time. Andrea and Pat won the cheapo pot of filthy bills. Our bank-shattering total pot: $60. Renn and Andrea did me a lovely solid of delivering a massive poker table.

Work: Some. My workday began at 1am and ended at 4am. Typical Sunday.

Animal of the Day: The Mantis Shrimp!

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: A poker table.

Screenwriting: Dick.

Projects: Dick.

Minutia: The best thing about having Brian around (we’ve been close friends since the late 80’s) is that we can entertain each other just by name-dropping obscure people from High School.

Activity: Did some weights and bike. Also, got the punching dummy almost ready for prime time. I want to begin punching it for 20 minutes a day 7 days a week starting Wed.

Ailments: Not really.

Shrink’s Chair: It’d be amazing if reincarnation was real and you went through a life as every single creature on the planet and then lastly got to come back as a person with all of that knowledge and instinct.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Dude at Target who told me on the phone that they had poker table tops and then when I drove there to look at them they were poker chips. I can see how you’d mess that up.

True Trivia: When I worked with Rance Howard on Grizzly Park I approached him and said how much I loved his son’s work and felt he was one of Hollywood’s best and went on and on how great he was. I then said than his son Ron was pretty good too. True story.

What Did I Learn Today: Fucking huge centipedes live right near me and they HATE when you spray pesticide into cracks.

Link of the Day: John Mak’s music column(s) on GUY. Really great stuff.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Braves on TV. Hawks on TV. Riding bikes on the Greenway with the dude mentioned on the line above this.

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