The fourth entry in the Die Hard franchise hasn’t exactly arrived in theaters with a vengeance — it’s been a full decade since John McClane barrelled thorugh the streets of New York with Sam Jackson at his side. But is the hapless detective finally polishing his Beretta 92F to plug some fresh bad guys?

According to Moviehole, things are indeed progressing and Willis may in fact be reuniting with his Fifth Element director Luc Besson on the flick, reportedly prepping to shoot in Montreal. Besson seems to be much more focused on writing and producing these days (he literally has at least a dozen projects in process), so another possibility is Willis’ equally French Hostage director Florent Siri.

Since there are no more Grubers left to conquer, McClane will now be facing off against a group of computer hackers. Fox supposedly wants the film in theaters some time in 2006, but there are some screenplay snarls — a chunk of the original script apparently took place in New Orleans and is now being reworked to avoid any Katrina fallout. Plus the word is that the studio isn’t particularly wild about the story, but a lack of viable script has never been an obstacle preventing Hollywood from tossing millions of dollars at a potential blockbuster (maybe you saw Stealth).