May 5

Film/TV: The Braves reminded the Phillies that they’re a bunch of assholes. A shutout. Delightful. Didn’t watch the Hawks game, and I’m glad. Apparently they shit all over themselves.

Music: Listened to some funk from Galactic and The Budos Band on the new deck hangout, went through the Laker CD’s.

Comedy: John recommended I watch the Ricky Gervais HBO comedy sit-down with Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock. So I did. It was pretty good. Louis CK owns all.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A nice lunch at Vinny’s. Had a heart of romaine salad and a chicken & ravioli thing that was terrific. Had a coffee drink there with Tuaca and Amaretto in it. Dinner was pizza in the new deck hangout. Sampled some Tequila sent in for to review. Had a Newcastle. Had a Isla Del Sol.

Family: Catherine met me for lunch as part of her Mother’s Day enjoyment. The whole family came home and watched as we worked on finishing the day’s outdoor work.

Friends: Andrea helped me pick out a table set for the patio. She then painted the door and while I finished building the damn thing. Then Johnny Mak came over for relaxing times. It was nice. He fired up the hookah and we bullshat. Catherine and Andrea talked a million words about girly things but peace was eventually restored.

Work: Some. Not as much as I should have, but Thursday was a long day and the administrative stuff was a bitch. I’m very unsure if we’ll be staying at the office. Nice to see checks arrive. Better way late than never.

Animal of the Day: None. I’ve decided to run them in the evenings Sun-Thur.

Art: The art of building a table and chairs. By building I mean assembling, and it was a bitch.

Goodies: A table!

Screenwriting: Daddy Dead-Hands. That’s not a script, just me saying no.

Projects: No.

Minutia: How do women allow their arms to become these gigantic pools of flab? I saw a lady who was quite normal and somewhat fit who had arms that’d make Max Rebo fire up his organ. I know I’m probably naive and that it’s unavoidable but it’s gross and seems to be something that could be addressed.

Activity: Carrying heavy things. Loading them onto a truck and off. Carrying them again. Moving, assembling, and creating. All in all a hearty day of physical nonsense.

Ailments: My knee is trying to tell me something. You know when you step a little wrong and your knee gives that little shimmy that tells you you ALMOST could have gotten jacked? That’s been happening a lot.

Shrink’s Chair: I keep having this dream where worms are trying to burrow into my son Rocco. I think in shrink’s terms it means I was abused as a child by worms.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Stinking Smells III, the guy in front of me at Home Depot. First of all he was rude, secondly he smelled like a Gypsy’s shitter, and thirdly he really smelled like Cambodia circa ’71.

True Trivia: Me and my buddy broke all the back windows of a house that was being built across the street from me with rocks. Then they fixed it. Then we did it again. Then people who because my family’s best friends for a decade moved in. Leave me alone I was like 9.

What Did I Learn Today: I want this chair they have at Home Depot uncommonly badly.

Link of the Day: Lusty Lycanthropes. You want to spend a few hours laughing at the horrible? Here’s a good place to start.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Steve Murphy comes to rock’n’roll.

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