May 7

Film/TV: A Braves loss. Which is dumb.

Music: Mr. Steve Murphy came over and we recorded the first two songs for the 2nd Wizard’s Keys album, The Cat Who Said Hello. Rock and roll up your asshole. Then John came over and we recorded a new Lucky Nightsticks tune for Thinner, our next goddamn. Then Micah showed up and we recorded a new Killing Swarm song. It was a like a trilogy of Yeti laughs (ie: amazing things few people hear).

Comedy: Just that Yeti joke.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Steve arrived with chicken biscuits. Tuna burgers that tasted like Waterworld. Licor 43.

Family: Catherine had a Mother’s Day getaway with her best friend. I had the little ones for the night and they were little darlings.

Friends: The music gentlemen. We also played a few games of Halo Reach. I didn’t play well.

Work: Some. I secreted away for some man writing, but the results weren’t great but getting back into practice.

Animal of the Day: Not on the weekends, sir!

Art: Less than art.

Goodies: No sir.

Screenwriting: Go fist America.

Projects: It’s Saturday, so no. Also, shit doesn’t happen during weekdays either.

Minutia: I forgot to mention that the night before we were sitting at the patio in the late hours and a fucking opossum walks by on the top of my fence and just sat there looking at us. Such a bizarre creature. Little fence walking cunt.

Activity: I moved a brick from one place to the other.

Ailments: I am feeling rather humane.

Shrink’s Chair: I am actually afraid how easy it is to sink into oblivion with the Netflix and HBO Go and the like. I can envision some folks dipping into a media coma and not emerging until the world has passed them by.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Truett Cathy, for being way too religious and making chicken biscuits that fly through my system as if it were on a Goblin Glider.

True Trivia: When we first moved from New York I had a little league game and our sorta one-dimensional opinion of Southern folks was sullied almost immediately when the coach spat tobacco onto my Mom’s arm.

What Did I Learn Today: Fuck frozen tuna burgers in the ass.

Link of the Day: YEP. This is what happened when I type “Rabbi Swimsuit Calendar” into Google.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Oedipus Day.

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