I’ve been pretty positive about the forthcoming Pirates film, simply because such a great villain will be joining a stripped-down cast filled only with the characters I give a shit about (that is to say: Jack and Barbossa). As time has passed, the trailers have actually managed to make the film seem smaller and smaller to my eyes, so much that it seems they might have stripped it down past the point of being interesting. These four new clips that have popped up online do nothing to change that attitude- the movie seems bland, while McShane seems fucking awesome.

You can take a look for yourself, starting with a few brief moments of scenery chewing from Blackbeard, and then followed by a few beats from the rest of the film. Does anybody else feel like the choreography is a bit stilted and half-speed in the King’s chambers (the 4th clip)? I’m continue to give this film the benefit of the doubt (I really do think the first film is special), but it seems quite clear that the vast majority of tickets bought by chewers will be directly creditable to Blackbeard- too bad McShane doesn’t have some modified points-on-the-back-end agreement that gives him a higher percentage from CHUD reader ticket sales.

(via i09)

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