May 4

Film/TV: Re-watched X for an interview with the delectable leading lady.

Music: Early mixes of Mr. Pussy, a band made of up myself and John Makarewicz. Yep. ANOTHER band.

Comedy: Nope.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: I had the little man. We had a Corn Pops breakfast together and I should know now that since the box advertises FIBER I shouldn’t be having these with him on days he’s with me. Because the diapers wind up like Vietnam. Pizza for lunch. A little snacking for dinner. Had a glass of Irish Whisky. Had coffee. Had some hookah.

Family: Catherine met Rocco and I for lunch. She then took control of the boy so I could go to work. Saw my little lady for a while and she was very helpful while working on our deck project. She was ‘assemble rocks’ girl and she was so enthusiastic. So cute. And annoying. But mostly cute.

Friends: Office folks. Was supposed to play ball but the other team forfeit. We are league champions going into the playoffs next week but I wanted to play. Andrea came over first to help deliver tiles and gravel for the project but she ended up toughing it out and we finished the very time consuming phase one of the project. John came by for hookah and darts and amaretto. He won the first two games of 301, which is dumb.

Work: I good bit. A whole lot. Starting to be able to focus on the job at hand, periphery be damned.

Animal of the Day: The Cuttlefish!

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Rocks and stuff for under the deck!

Screenwriting: Puce.

Projects: A general sense of dread about one in particular.

Minutia: The Conan movie looks bigger than I thought. The first teaser thing made it look like a DTV flick. Now it looks like a theatrical flick with DTV quality acting. Aside from Stephen Lang.

Activity: Since no ball happened, I did 35 trips of hauling large pieces of stone at the store, to the car, out of the car, and across the yard as well as other grunty pursuits. It was effective. i was a defeating man when I finally collapsed at 3am.

Ailments: Nope, I feel rather great. PHYSICALLY. Mentally I’m all back of the bus and shit.

Shrink’s Chair: If I died today I don’t think I will have made enough of an impact on my daughter for her to really have a lifelong snapshot of who I am. I’m fun to hang with and give her incredible amounts of love as well as stern reality but I don’t take many family pictures and do not participate in church (but only because I hate all it is). I’d fade. Shit, I have trouble remembering a lot of details of my father. I wonder when the year equal enough to guarantee you’re a part of them that sticks forever. I hate when you hear those movies or shows where people are like “I don’t remember my dad…” or whatever. Unfair.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The helpers at Home Depot who disappeared when they saw me pushing several hundred pounds of heavy towards the exit.

True Trivia: I used to do time lapse video of myself sleeping at night during high school.

What Did I Learn Today: There are some very special and great folks in the CHUD family and community.

Link of the Day: Newhart roasts Rickles. Magic.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A day of the week.

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