A buddy of mine at
work sent me the following snaps, which, mediawhore that I am, simply
felt the need to share with you all, with a few cogent ruminations
tossed in.  They’re from a site called hotghettomess.com,
which aspires to convey a more positive image and message of Black
Americans, frequently by showing us where we can go wrong in certain
areas of our lives…like attire for instance.

Some of the following images may be disturbing.  But they’re something I like to call:


It’s what discerning pimps drink…

Okay, uh…not sure if this from HotGhettoMess or Craigslist.

Well, it could be worse…they could be Knicks fans…

No one was happier than me when Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown finally made nice again…