They’re clearly not for everyone, but we continue plugging away at these weekly video wrap-ups and the response has definitely been growing. The premiere had the best response for awhile, but from the second episode on, every subsequent video has grown a little bit in popularity. That last episode has now eclipsed the first, so our fingers are crossed that the trend continues.

This week we cover more topics than ever, with a new location and look. I must admit, I did fuck up one specific set-up with a composition that showed absolutely no respect for my own forehead, but shit like that happens when your working with a crew of zero. I think it sounds pretty damn good though, and has the best variety yet.

So what movies do we cover?

Tron: Legacy
Final Destination 5
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Django Unchained
Conan The Barbarian
Star Wars
Game of Thrones
OZ: The Great & Powerful
Paradise Lost
Martha Marcy May Marlene

…also Motherfucking and the Howie Scream.

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