Though many elite folks find the books of grade school quality and beneath them, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books have become a yearly sensation. They tell the tale of a large, coffee drinking hard man who goes from town to town getting into and out of trouble. Usually with his big meaty fists. Or a blunt object. Or bullets sent through guns. There’s a very Walking Tall/First Blood vibe to the books and they’re far from art but make for very good time killers. Folks who love Richard Stark or Elmore Leonard should be able to get behind these lean bubble gum version of those sorts of archetype.

I’m totally a sucker for them and though the rights to many of the books have been snapped up (Persuader‘s my favorite in the series) none have made it to screens.

Because we had two Reacher books last year I was wondering if Child would maintain his “one a year” pace. He did, and it’s called The Affair. Unfortunately it goes back in time to what is probably the last military work the man had before the events portrayed in Killing Floor, the first book. Still for a sucker like me any Reacher is good Reacher.

Child has put the first chapter on his site for folks to read. If this of help, enjoy! Also, if you want to help us out here’s the CHUD Amazon link to procure said books.