I’ve made it very plain that I think Attack The Block is a fucking awesome film that you’ll love. I’m not aware of anyone that has seen the film that would disagree.

I’ve also extensively interviewed the director and was fortunate to be a part of an incredible conversation that is spoiler-free and thoroughly indicative of the fact that Joe Cornish knows his shit.

There’s little more I can do, I think, to get it across that you need to give your money to an establishment that will appropriately exhibit this film for you at your first opportunity. That said, composers Basement Jaxx have just put online one of their Attack The Block cues, and perhaps its Carpenter-with-a-hint-of-dubstep energy will be enough to convince any latent skeptics.

Grimy, pulsing, with a touch of sci-fi, a pinch of glitch, and a dash of urban grunge, it’s a simple, straightforward track that captures the tone of the film pitch-perfectly. Consume:

Basement Jaxx – “The Ends” from “Attack The Block” by Basement Jaxx

Make sure to read and spread around those links above to, and keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully we’ll have solid news about a release date/scale soon.

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(via Beaks @ AICN)