I love when a trailer is willing to be a little unorthodox to stand out from the pack, even if it sets dangerous expectations that will kneecap the film if it turns out to be standard or mediocre. The trailer for Colombiana is nothing if not ostentatious, concussive, and a little bit melodramatic- sounds just like a Luc Besson flick to me! Stuttering cuts, repetition, and well-cut music selections are all just a little more progressive than your usual boring teaser.

Here Zoe Saldana plays a Hanna-esque warrior who seems to have been programmed/trained for a specifically timed mission of revenge, but instead of the modern music video sensibilities of Joe Wright, director Olivier Megaton (the amazingly named helmer of Transporter 3) brings his version of Besson’s “sunshine, SWAT teams, and vinyl curtains” aesthetic to the classic action writer/director’s script. Saldana is older than Saoirse, but there’s still a lot of focus on the unnatural efficiency of this delicate human when she obliterates everything about an enemy- something the film seems to have in common with the recent, well-received Hanna.

The trailer is embedded below from Sony Pictures’ new (to me) trailer site that seems to be a nice centralized collection of their teasers in high-quality and with embed-ability. Have a look…

Intense, no? Definitely something I want to see, and another potential check in the “good” column for a Besson-related flick. Those only come so often.

(via THR)

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