Almost two decades after he fought Mark Pillow to a standstill, Superman is making his return to theaters. And quite literally. I hope the utilization of third-person singular present tense will become a recurring theme for film titles of DC heroes: Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Wonder Woman Arrives, Hawkman Soars, Power Girl Jiggles, etc.

Anyway, X-Men director Bryan Singer ditched Homo Superior in favor of Homo Kryptonian, squeezing newbie Brandon Routh into Chris Reeve’s old body stocking and giving Kevin Spacey the opportunity to kill him. Now, four months after delivering a peek to Comic Con attendees, Warner Bros. has finally allowed the masses to see where their $200+ million is going.

Those hoping to see how Routh acquits himself in the role will surely be disappointed by the too-brief teaser (hell, a third of the clip is devoted to the logos of the various companies behind the film), but it does give a taste of the tone and has the same money shot we saw in San Diego (along with the rest of the footage, and then some). And fans of the first film (Returns largely ignores Superman II-IV) will probably get chills from the use of John Williams’ original score and posthumous voiceover from Supes’ dad Marlon Brando.