I think most of us were open to a new Conan the Barbarian movie.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s version may have become iconic, but it wasn’t very faithful to Robert E. Howard’s character.  Fans want the thuggish, humorless and crafty mercenary.  When Lionsgate announced they were revisiting the Hyborian Age, we all had hopes.  But once they cast Jason Momoa, it became obvious this would be the typical beefcake Conan.

Lionsgate hasn’t been very forthcoming about the film, which certainly doesn’t have anyone very excited for its August release.   They’ve finally released an actual trailer, and it’s pretty uninspiring.  It looks like Clash of the Titans, only with less clothes, more grime, grunting and glowering. With so many movies coming out this summer to drain our bank accounts, I doubt this will be on anyone’s must see list.  Conan will disappear into the studio vault for another decade or so, until another ripped and rugged man gives it a try.

Stephen Lang seems to be having a good time though, doesn’t he?