456Do you think that Jules Verne is a boring old dead writer? WRONG! He’s a DaVinci Code kinda guy, it turns out – he actually went to the center of the Earth and hid clues about it in a book that he slyly titled Journey to the Center of the Earth!

That’s the premise of Journey 3D, a movie with a tragic lack of Steve Perry. In the film a teenager and his scientist dad stumble on an ancient artifact that leads them to hunt for the world at the center of the Earth, and the strange beasts that live there (presumably CHUDs), using Verne as a guidebook. And as the title indicates it will be In Ur Face Xtreme.

The film is a co-venture between New Line and Walden Media, the Christian group who is behind the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (I hate typing that out). "In our never-ending push to get young people to read books, a central premise is to use the Verne book as a map," said Walden Media CEO Cary Granat. "The scientist makes the discovery that Verne might have gone down to the center of the Earth himself, and that he hid clues in the text. The hope is that a lot of people will read the book to discover the clues."

The film will be live action with high def 3D landscapes and monsters.