456The Skeleton Key Ghost Stories contest is underway! You still have time to enter to win an
amazing prize pack that includes a 27 inch TV, a DVD player, and a
10-pack of Universal horror DVDs to enjoy on your new set up!

how the contest works – people send in their ghost stories (truth or
fiction, doesn’t matter to us!) and you the reader vote on the winner.
We’ll have a couple of batches of stories and at the grand finale we
will pit the winner of each batch against each other. At the end, the
winner of that final vote gets the prize pack.

So here’s the first set of spooky stories, all written by CHUD readers. Please click the stories below, read them and the head over to our message boards (if you’re not a registered member, become one right here) and vote for your favorite story.

This contest isn’t over! You still have a chance to get in on it. Click here to read the full contest rules, and get writing on your own tale of ghostly terror. But hurry, time is running out! You’ve got until November 22nd. Give it a shot!

Floater by Chuck Wendig
Brave Shep by Christopher J. Carlson
My Ghost Story by Gabe Toro
Spirit Story by Mark Samycia
The Ghost of Princess by Sandi Langdon

Winners will be determined by YOU, loyal readers. So let’s get cracking!