Taken was a blast. Especially the first half before it just became ‘Liam kills Earth’. Such a good flick that could have been a classic if it didn’t become car chases and indestructible Liam rampaging through cadre after cadre of faceless overrated foreign folks. But he shoots that dude’s wife to prove a point and for that it has my eternal love. The movie made enough money to invade Milla Jovovich so a sequel was and is inevitable. And now it’s for real.

Variety is not the spice of life, but it is an expensive and self important trade publication and they have shared with us news that Luc Besson and 20th Century Fox have partnered to bring the film to most of the world, with a few distributors sending it to audiences in certain countries who don’t read CHUD much. Also new information is that the amazingly named Olivier Megaton (Transporter 3) would be directing. Which is fine. All we need is Liam and slimy men for him to punch in the face.

I have an inside track to the plot. It involves someone being taken and Liam taking them back.