Princess was a good kitty. But, she was old, very old – 19 to be exact. She had a good life living with her companions. But, her kidneys were failing and she felt the end of her life draw near. All day she waited for her companions to come home – barely hanging on to the last thread of life. Thank goodness she finally heard them at the door. Mouthing a pitiful meow – actually more a moan than a meow, she looked sadly at her companions as they came through the door. They knew and she knew that the end of her life was near. They placed her on their special bean bag chair – the chair that was purchased solely for her comfort in her last days. They patted her head and held her paws. Seeing the pain in their kitty’s face, they gave her permission to die. Within a few minutes, her last breath was taken.

The pet cemetery guy was called to take her away. Her faithful companions wrapped her in a warm red blanket – a favorite of hers. A quiet burial was held at the pet cemetery. Flowers were placed on the grave. The companions thought this was the final goodbye.

But, things began to happen at the house, little things at first. A few notes of a music box played in the still of the night. A small thud was heard every now and then reminiscent of a cat jumping down from a high perch. Warmth was felt in certain places as if a cat had been sleeping in that spot a few moments before. Then, the crying began – the pitiful pathetic moans of a cat that wants something.

What were the owners to do? They knew Princess had died in their very house but they did not know why she was not at rest. Then, the smell began. It started with a small odor – unpleasant but not overpowering. A search was made and it was determined that the smell was coming from the guest room. But, nothing was found. There was nothing under the bed, nothing in the closet – nothing in the floor. And the smell got worse with each day. And the crying continued.

They decided to bring in another cat – thinking that the cat may spot something that the humans missed. They put the cat in the guest room. The cat was clearly disturbed and definitely smelling the odor. A few seconds later the cat went under the bed. Minutes passed and the cat had not returned from under the bed. The companions looked under the bed and the cat was gone! Where did he go? And then a noise was heard.

The cat was inside the box springs. He had climbed in to a hole where the cover was torn. And the cat was not the only thing in the box springs. There were numerous dead animals – thus the smell. Apparently, Princess had been killing animals and storing them here and now she wanted them back! The companions immediately moved the bed outside. They tore the box springs apart and gathered all of the decaying animals into a box. They took them to the pet cemetery and buried them beside their beloved Princess.

That day was the last day they sensed her presence. The crying was gone – the noises were gone. Finally, Princess was at peace.


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