May 3

Film/TV: Game of Thrones episode. The Killing episode. Treme episode.

Music: Nope.

Comedy: The new Stanhope. Pretty grim, but it’s Doug. Fatalistic and often really really incisive.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Corn Pops! Sandwich! Grilled chicken! Two days of boredom. Smoke = No. I had a little bourbon in the evening as I worked on my interview.

Family: Didn’t get to see the smalls, but I did get to be pitched on how awesome Chattanooga is from Catherine for an hour as I watched my stories.

Friends: Minimal contact from office folks, nothing else.

Work: Loads. And I ran out of steam. I had a lot more I wanted to do. At least it was all about the work today.

Animal of the Day: The Star-Nosed Mole!

Art: Zero arts.

Goodies: Nothing in the way of personal treats.

Screenwriting: Shinebox.

Projects: Decent possible news about funding possibilities for my little short film.

Minutia: I check the Faith No More official site at least three times a week for good news.

Activity: Weights. First week in a while I’ve improved rather than gotten sore or banged up from too much wear and tear.

Ailments: Nope.

Shrink’s Chair: I see all the sites disappearing and being absorbed and can’t help but feel we either need to pack it in or take control of the empty space and grow.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Mother Nature for raining out the Braves game, one I sorta was banking on getting me through the night productively.

True Trivia: My parent’s 40th wedding anniversary would be this week if Dad hadn’t kicked the bucket way too young.

What Did I Learn Today: Time heals. Nothing is permanent. I’m willing to soften and make things better.

Link of the Day: Fangoria. There was a time when this meant everything to me. Those days are long gone, but nostalgia has power.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: The little man watching, work, a Braves doubleheader, more work, softball.

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Out of a Possible 5 Stars


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