Well, that is the face of a medical professional.

According to Deadline, Hugh Jackman may star in Shawn Levy’s remake of Fantastic Voyage.   Bear in mind, there’s a lot of “maybes” with this.  The film hasn’t gotten the green-light, and Levy wants Jackman for the film, but Jackman isn’t even in talks.   However, Jackman needs a project to keep him busy while they find a new Wolverine director.

Come on, Mr. Jackman. Can’t you re-commit to Avon Man? It’s at Fox, and I liked that idea so very much.

But Jackman stubbornly refuses to pick the roles I champion, especially since he’s BFF’s with Levy.   They just finished Real Steel, and promptly signed on to an untitled action spec being written by Carlton Cuse.   So, I bet they will make it a hat trick, and he’ll sign for Fantastic Voyage just to spite me and my Carousel dreams.

James Cameron’s Fantastic Voyage remake has, of course, been bouncing around in development for awhile.  Paul Greengrass was attached for a little while, but dropped out, and Levy claimed it this past February.

Incidentally, we now know what Cameron and screenwriters Laeta Kalogridis and Shane Salerno  brought to the 1966 tale of shrunken scientists. (you know, besides 3D.) Deadline says the story now has “a dramatic love story” at its core.    I imagine the doctor in question shrinks in order to save his wife or girlfriend from a devastating disease.   If Jackman truly comes on board, it could be like an alternate and happily-ever-after version of The Fountain.  Cute.

(Hey, is now a good time to mention that I’m available to play the sickly love interest, if there is such a role?  I’ll work for a nap — and the kinky Jackman-in-my-bloodstream fantasy — and Fox will save on the make-up budget because I’ll bring my own horrific under eye circles.    Oh, it’s not cool to mention that? Ok, never mind.)