A&E has just revealed that not only are they renewing eleven of their reality shows, but that they’re developing another ten to boot, says THR.  The cable/satellite network, which used to be known for biographies and documentaries has had seven years of growth, thanks in no small part to their recent slate of reality programming.  I myself have recently discovered their Storage Wars show, which follows four antique dealers and resellers who bid on abandoned storage units.  That show will be starting up a new season in July.  That one’s renewed, along with the following:

  • Beyond Scared Straight:  Season 2 premieres Summer 2011
  • The First 48 Season 11 premieres Summer 2011
  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season 6 premieres June 14, 2011
  • Billy the Exterminator Season 4 premieres Summer 2011
  • Hoarders Season 4 premieres Summer 2011
  • Intervention Season 10 premieres 4th quarter 2011
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter Season 9 premieres fourth quarter 2011
  • Manhunters Season 3 premiered March 2011
  • Parking Wars Season 5 premiered April 2011

In addition, A&E is launching these new reality shows:

InLaws (working title) – Premieres 3Q 2011
A&E shines a light on married couples that are at the boiling point with their overbearing in-laws. Each episode will feature a spouse in between their parents and the person they married, desperate to save their relationships. Seasoned relationship experts will come in and use unconventional tactics to make them face their issues.

Ship Happens (working title) – Premieres 4Q 2011
There’s a rare breed of independent truckers that have discovered the fortunes of transporting things that traditional carriers won’t touch, such as airplanes, herds of goats, homes, and so on. This new series explores the cutthroat world of these competitive shippers: people who ship odd sized packages for big bucks.

Boar Hunters (working title) – Premieres 3Q 2011
The Campbell clan has a unique family business: hog hunting. Down in Texas, patriarch Jerry Campbell is joined by level-headed son Robert and firecracker daughter Krystal as they respond to troubled farmers whose crops and cattle are being threatened by an invasion of feral hogs.

Storage Wars: Dallas – Premieres 3Q 2011
A&E’s top-rated nonfiction franchise is heading to Dallas, Texas where the units, bankrolls, and buyers are bigger. Following four Dallas storage unit hunters, this series has all the intrigue of the original Storage Wars in a landscape chock-full of cowboys and oil tycoons.

They also have a miniseries remake of Robin Cooke’s Coma in the offing, as well as additional nonfiction and drama series, including Profilers, Hands On, Family Bonding, and Cajun Blue, among others.  Click over to THR for the full break down.