May 2

Film/TV: A Braves victory. A Hawks victory. An episode of Treme.

Music: Tried to listen to some old RHCP. That ended fast.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Corn Pops! Pasta with meatballs! Excitement! Met Dave Wagner (who had some very nice news about his future plans) and we each had a smoke (he a Brickhouse and me an Isla Del Sol) and a Guinness with a sidecar of Jameson’s. A nice little jaunt.

Family: Spent some time with the gang in the evening, though it was a bit chaotic.

Friends: A little bit. I worked from home for the bulk of the day to have solace away from any excessive human interaction so it was minimal. I did stop by the office and see folks as well as hang with Dave but it was otherwise slim pickings.

Work: Lots, and not all of it great. Still working on managing a few situations. Got a bit hot-headed and truly felt like the world was ganging up on me. It passed. I took a dump. Life moved on. Got some fun stuff done and hope to be able to begin working on a rather big project for GUY.

Animal of the Day: The Sun Bear!

Art: Naught.

Goodies: Neinhammer.

Screenwriting: Nil.

Projects: Boing.

Minutia: I had a dental appointment and it turns out I had to have a more invasive bit of work before my cleaning. No cavities and no tartar, which is great. But I have a “pocket” in a part of my gums, which could lead to bad things.

Activity: Shit no. I knew I was cruising for a bruising.

Ailments: No soreness surprisingly.

Shrink’s Chair: I must become Teflon. I must become Teflon. I must become Teflon. I lost so much productivity dealing with the dumbest shit.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Well I banned two guys today so let’s start there.

True Trivia: I had a massive 75 gallon tank in my apartment filled with river and lake caught beasts. It was incredible. I caught this catfish with my hands in a creek, maybe it was like three inches long. When he finally left this world he was almost a foot long and was fed by hand. He’d eat grapes, spaghetti, you name it. RIP Gums.

What Did I Learn Today: It’s the fucking internet. Not real life.

Link of the Day: The Atlanta Hawks. Nice win. Maybe they’re built for the playoffs more than the regular season under Larry Drew.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work.

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