The first pictures from CHUDdie buddy Guillermo del Toro’s new film, Pan’s Labyrinth, have shown up and, in my professional estimation, they fucking rock. I mean, these three pictures not only get across the atmosphere of this piece, but they showcase creature designs that are like Nightbreed +10 coolness (and for the record I have always thought that while the film didn’t age well, Nightbreed’s creatures were great).

This stuff, by the way, is the stuff that I get most excited about from del Toro. Like his masterpiece, The Devil’s Backbone, it feels like personal filmmaking, and as much fun as something big and more mainstream could be – and as personal as a great filmmaker like del Toro can make even that stuff – nothing matches up with cinema that is like a direct connection to the director’s mind. I’m a sucker for auteurs!

Check out Aint It Cool for the other pictures!