llllDennis Haysbert – the president on 24 – has now joined the FBI. He’s the latest star to come on board Billy Ray’s next film, Breach.

Breach tells the true story of Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who sold secrets to the Soviet Union. Chris Cooper is Hanssen, while Ryan Phillipe will be playing Eric O’Neill, the new young partner who helped bring Hanssen down. Haysbert will investigate the agent, joined by Laura Linney.

The movie is shooting right now in Toronto, and it’s Ray’s second directorial effort after the excellent (and sort of thematically similar) Shattered Glass. It sounds like a mature, smart take on a spy film, which means no one will see it and it will do poorly at the box office. This is why the last movie Billy Ray wrote was the horrible, stupid Flightplan, which made like a gazillion dollars of course.